Interstate Bait - The Whole Shooting Match

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Interstate Bait - The Whole Shooting Match

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You'll receive "The Whole Shooting Match" - a pack of 12 jars of flavored Interstate Bait Sunflower Seeds - plus shipping!

If you want to just have it all, and you are having a hard time deciding which of the flavors is going to “sing” to you the most, then why not just order “The Whole Shooting Match”.  Will send you out one of each flavor, and you can decide which one gets reordered the next time…Because there will be a next time.

The Whole Shooting Match pack includes the following flavors for your enjoyment…and you get a nice little discount to make it easier to click the Add to Cart button.

Big Game Brisket

This savory and mouth watering seed is an amazing blend of light kick, slightly smoked, and lots of flavor. Reminds you of a juicy steak or brisket rub.  Dawson’s wild spice company is one of our favorite seasoning providers, and you will know why as soon as the first seed is cracked.

Savory Garlic

One of the most popular additions to food worldwide, Garlic is the go to flavor for most every chef worth his salt.  We have married this flavor to onion and tomato to create a truly excellent experience.

Dill Pickle

An easy, go to flavor, sure to satisfy the pickle cravings you may be having.

Salty Pepper

Our more traditional seed flavor, sure to please those that are a little more timid towards their seasoning preference, but want a bit of a spicy kick…A good place to start the flavor experiment.

Bloody Mary

Our version of the classic Bloody Mary.  Just the right amounts of tomato, celery salt, and spices.  Each bottle is infused with nice spicy finish from a careful combination of hot red pepper seasoning, and a delightfully bright touch of horseradish.  Not your average sunflower seed flavor, and that is a good thing.

Smoked Jalapeno

An incredible blend of some pretty damn fantastic spices gives this spicy treat a nice smoky flavor.  The heat is definitely there, so tread lightly and keep some milk handy.

Simply Salted

Sunflower seeds and Salt.  We gave the copy writers a day off with this one.  Enjoy the simple goodness.

Curry Spice

Introducing the hot new flavor of the season…for popularity, as well as the spicy finish from the Madras yellow Curry. The perfect balance of spices will have you thinking of going out for Indian food tonight.

Blue Buffalo

One of our most popular flavors, now renamed Blue Buffalo.  Think buffalo wings, with a nice spicy kick that is cooled down with a generous helping of blue cheese.  You will be craving more.

Sweet Cheeks:

While this is the most unique of our seed flavors, it is also the most fun to eat.  The M & M’s melts in your cheeks as to crack open each individual shell…If you are like us, and you have a big wad of seeds in your cheek, this flavor is for you.  Sweet, Salty, good!


This is the salty sweet version of the “Fair Favorite”…Cinnamon and sugar…as sweet and simple as it gets!

BBQ Pit:

The summer time favorite with just the right amount of classic BBQ seasonings and Natural Hickory flavor that gives this seed a nice sweet finish.  A standard go to flavor that will not fail to please the pallet.


Interstate Bait Sunflower Seeds and Signature Spices.


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